I was going to write on this subject but this writer said it better than I could.
Written to World Net Dailey
Tuesday November 10, 2009

Islam's the problem, not 'radical Islam'

Dear Mr. Farah:

Your outrage concerning what happened at Fort Hood is right on the mark; I couldn't agree with you more. But I believe the problem goes far beyond Maj. Hasan. The problem is our unwillingness to comes to terms with Islam itself, not radical Islam, but simply Islam.

"Radical Islam" is a fantasy, a mental construct that doesn't exist in reality. It's an attempt by Western intellectual elites to draw a distinction between the religion and its most radical adherents. This where the PC comes in, destroying our ability to defend ourselves.

I truly believe that Islam cannot be assimilated into any modern Western society. Its precepts, codified within Shariah, create a mental as well as physical ghetto for Muslims. They view the world as being split between the Dar al Islam, the community of believers, and the Dar al Harb, the "house of war." Muslims may be raised in a free society, but if they truly practice their religion, they cannot commit to modern classic liberal values, such as freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, equality for women, etc. Islam is not just a religion, but also a political program. The social and political viewpoints that emanate from the religion are, for lack of a better term, simply crazy as hell. Hasan was simply another regrettable example of the insanity. Unfortunately, he won't be the last. We have invited the enemy into our house, and now he won't leave.

There are basically three possibilities in dealing with this dilemma: First, we can submit to Islam and join the madness. This is where Europe is going. The rot is already advanced in modern European societies. Second, the Muslims can assimilate within the West, at which point they cease being Muslims. Not very likely. Last, the governments of the West can say "enough" and pay for one-way tickets to get them out. Not impossible, but also not likely. We made a mistake inviting them in. The elites who engineered this huge demographic shift had another agenda, which is well beyond the scope of this letter.

Very little of what I am saying here could be repeated in the mainline press. As you know better than myself, the mainline press is simply a cadre of flunkies and whores for the left. Persons such as yourself must continue to print the truth. A free press is our last hope to make these ugly realities known to the general public. May God protect you in your important work.

Mark Nedelman