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Authentic Irishman for Hire

Storytelling & Singing
Dancing & Carrying On
Available all Hours
Experienced Drinking Companion

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Pat and Elaine

Pat and Elaine Bratton

Pat & Elaine

The Blaze
Eaa Wall Paper

This is a great aircraft kit
go to Mike's RV-10 page


Learn what Obama was never taught by his communist heroes in school.  The economy is not an engine. You can not crank it up or get it back on the track.  It is a rain forrest, a living thing.  Read online or order from Amazon. This is the real answer, neither left wing or right.


for advocating violence 

ISLAM is a Klingon Plot

Ramadan Take-out

Squirrel Receipes

A Great Cruise!

Flight Planning

PDF Plates


The current Federal income tax system is broken. Patching up the existing code is pointless. It's time for a fresh approach, a fair approach.
It's time for the FairTax.

A useful comparison of the FairTax, the Income Tax, and the Flat Tax. This will open a new browser window.

fair tax        

Tax payer march

Atkin Boat Plans

Inside the Mosque
I can't make this stuff up, people.

A Dispatches reporter attends mosques run by organisations whose public faces are presented as moderate and finds preachers condemning integration into British society, condemning democracy and praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers…

Dispatches has investigated a number of mosques run by high profile national organisations that claim to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other faiths. But an undercover reporter joined worshippers to find a message of religious bigotry and extremism being preached.

The program has now been posted on YouTube in its entirety in six parts.  Click link above.



 Interested in flying? Join the EAA!

World's best flight school
Advanced Aviation

Walmart is online!
Why do business with Amazon?  They are almost as evil as Facebook.  They are now censoring books promoting conserative causes or posistions.  They have lost their way.  Walmarts online service is excellent and their prices are much lower.
Don't be a Sucker!

Advanced Aviation
"World's Best Flight School"

be a pilot

Hunter 240

"Wet Dog" in new berth at Aqualand Marina, Thanks to help from Shawn and John.
She is a 1998 Hunter 240

VOR Why VORs are Misunderstood.
Link to Andrew Sarangan's
Aviation page - VOR as
Course Instrument
Joe Campbells Aviation Page
VOR Navigation
A Great Tutorial on Holding

Navigation Tools

Cherrokee Pilots Assn
The above is a link to the greatest support group for Piper owners on the planet.

Wag Aero

Chief Aircraft

Aircraft Spruce

D Troop Viet Nam '68

This picture was taken in Phu Loi in 1968, Troop D(air), 1/4 U.S. Cavalry.

We were attached to the 1 st Infantry Division. This link has pictures of Pat, Terry, and Bob Caraker (Clown 5) taken at the VHCMA renuion in Atlanta in June 2003.

Remember C-Rations? What was in a B-3 unit?

Vietnam Veterans Section


More pictures of us.

New Section " Letters From Viet Nam to Home .

Check out Agent Orange - Silver Rose ,  a site to help delayed KIA's


Pat Bratton, Mike Reistetter,
and Terry Branch.
Click for Reno Reunion

Great T Shirts!

T shirts
Diamond DA 20 C1
Pat and Brigham
Tara Field
The day of my checkride
400 cu Warrior
Warrior II with I/O 720 STC. She really moves!

Alaska Wildlife Refuge

The picture on the right is where the Democrats claim the drilling will take place.  The actual location is the frozen desert on the far right.

20 year olds

"The loss of Liberty is always only one generation away."

Ronald Reagan

        oath banner

        Subject: FAA NPRM
        Part 0, Section 000 (a) 1(c)

        Section I - No pilot or pilots, or person or persons acting on the direction or suggestion or supervision of a pilot or pilots may try, or attempt to try or make, or make attempt to try to comprehend or understand any or all, in whole or in part of the herein mentioned Aviation Regulations, except as authorized by the Administrator or an agent appointed by, or inspected by, the Administrator. Section II - If a pilot, or group of associate pilots becomes aware of, or realizes, or detects, or discovers, or finds that he or she, or they, are or have been beginning to understand the Aviation Regulations, they must immediately, within three (3) days notify, in writing, the Administrator.
        Section III - Upon receipt of the above-mentioned notice of impending comprehension, the Administrator shall immediately rewrite the Aviation Regulations in such a manner as to eliminate any further comprehension hazards. Section IV - The Administrator may, at his or her discretion, require the offending pilot or pilots to attend remedial instruction in Aviation Regulations until such time that the pilot is too confused to be capable of understanding anything.

        click here for pictures
        of the Big Lebowski 7:19 Fest!

        Big Leb What Have You Fest


        afterlife telegrams
        cat carrier
        The Truth About the
        Signers of the Declaration
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